Founder Message

The world is changing. As a digital solutions company, we believe in adopting and applying technological solutions to business in response to economic challenges. We do the work we do with people, for the people! Young people empowerment is at the core of our business; we believe they are the cog that drives positive change on the socio-economic challenges.

At Impetus Growth, we understand the value of collaboration, we challenge the norm, disrupt inefficient processes detrimental to economic growth. We strive to build robust and impactful digital solutions that are sustainable enough to stand the test of time. Impetus Growth endeavours to change lives, we achieve this through community engagements and extensive mobilisation of knowledge required for the 21st century. Our mission is to see people succeed, creating wealth and changing lives.

IG understand the power of unity; Ubuntu philosophy is not a myth! We live it, and that is what sets us apart from the rest. We change the business dynamics in Zimbabwe and beyond through investing locally and promote change!